Sylent is currently collecting footage for the FREE BONUS DVD "Smile Now, Never Cry".  This DVD will contain extra
                                                          *   *   *

If you have footage (filmed by a camcorder) and/or pictures of you promoting for M.F.R. on the calles, passing out the promo items
we've sent, send us the footage/photos if you would like to be featured in the bonus DVD with Sylent's Debut.

                                                          *   *   *
M.F.R. would also like to
thank all of the hynas and vatos that supported M.F.R. from the get-go, through the good times and bad.

To show our appreciation for those loyal soldierz, here is an exclusive look at Sylent recording the new track "Love After Death???"
for his upcoming debut.  Click the link below to view...

                                                          *   *   *

SYLENT RETURNZ with his long-awaited self-titled studio debut.  Still not giving a fuck, this album is one of the most original
collections of Chicano Rap songs to hit the calles this year.  Coming from under the underground, Sylent's rise from the
Low-Budget-But-Fuck-It demos "562" & "The Walk" to his first studio quality album proves that M.F.R. will be bringing the newest
sound to this Latin Hip-Hop game.  This album will feature the songs "Love After Death???", "Midnight Prayerz", "The Love Song
(LA Hitman Remix)" & "Cochina" that are guaranteed to blow up from varrio to varrio.  With production done by LA Hitman
Studios, Fingazz of Streetlight Productions and Sylent himself of M.F.R./Low-Budget-But-Fuck-It Productionz, this album is sure to
keep the heads bobbing and the chichis bounzing.  Waving both middle fingerz in all the haterz facez, Sylent will not be kept down.  
Coming soon to a varrio near you... So keep truchaz!!!

                                                          *   *   *

back and touch up the songs that need fixing, then he will play the album as a whole to the entire M.F.R. familia and if they all vote
and approve with the final outcome... THE ALBUM WILL BE FINISHED!
This DVD will also include an interview with the original M.F.R. Soldier, M.C. Payaso as he speaks about his views and pedo with
one of Latin Raps Fakest "Legendz"!!! The sylence will be broken and the truth revealed...

Sylent's debut will be featuring the following tracks (this list is not final and may change):
1.  Don't Give A Fuck (That U Don't Give A Fuck) (Intro/Q-vo)
2.  Walk Like A Man (featuring production by LA Hitman)
3.  Cochina  (featuring production by Fingazz)
4.  The Love Song (LA Hitman Remix)
5.  Throw It Up (Westside Ridin')
6.  Titty Man
7.  Play Ur Cardz Right
8.  Shit's Going Krazy (LA Hitman Remix)  featuring The 562 - Ese Joker Loco, DannyBoy, Sylent
9. Alrato Niteowl (featuring production by LA Hitman Studios)
10.  Love After Death??? (featuring production by LA Hitman Studios)
11.  Midnight Prayerz
12.  Moment of Sylence (Bonus Track)  featuring the M.F.R. Familia

*DVD Bonus Track
1. Oldie 1 (Eat It)
2.  Smile Now, Never Cry
                                                          *   *   *
To hear the album version of "Love After Death???" or to purchase the $0.99 Single Download, go to:
This song will only be available for a limted time... Download Now!!!
                                        A MESSAGE FROM SYLENT
"My album is about to be finished which means that it's time for me to start promoting and getting my Street Team out there...

I'd appreciate all the help I can get from my gente out there who support Latin Rap.  So please, if you can, add my track "LOVE
AFTER DEATH???" to your MySpace player for the next couple days... (

If you're a Street Team Soldier or M.F.R. supporter... Now is the time to show your loyalty and start requesting Sylent interviewz and
featurez in your favorite website forumz, magazinez, e-zinez etc.

Chicano/Latin Magazines and Chicano/Latin Rap Radio Shows so far are showing us no love.  They usually don't ask a Latin rapper for
features unless they know someone important who got the attention for them to begin with... And for us to use someone else to get to
the top would defeat the purpose of M.F.R... 'Cuz we don't kiss azz or use others to get where we need to be...

If we do it, we do it with our own blood, sweat & tearz... We don't beg for attention...If the Radio Shows/Magazines/Sites are claiming
to "be real", then be real with it and let us know you respect us... And you'll get the same love and respect right back...

But so far these net Radio Shows, E-zines, and Magazines have all been ignoring me, even though none of them can deny that they've
already heard of me...

So gente, please let the Magazines and Radio Shows and Commercial Radio Shows know we're ready to break the sylence...

I wanna thank all the members of M.F.R.'s hard working Street Team for their dedication and support...And graciaz to those who
show us love, support and most importantly... Respect... We won't ever forget the ones who were here for us in the beginning... True

Middle Finger Recordz

                                                          *   *   *

                                    LOST IN TRANSLATION VOL. 1
Middle Finger Recordz will be releasing the first book by M.F.R. Publicationz, Lost In Translation Vol. 1.  Lost In Translations Vol. 1
is a collection of Latin/Chicano literature with over 100 pages containing poems and short stories.  It will also come with a FREE
BONUS CD. This book will be available for purchase at the official M.F.R. website store for a LOW PRICE exclusively through
M.F.R. when it is released in the next couple of months.

                                                          *   *   *
If you would like to help the Latin Rap movement, join the M.F.R. Street Team by supporting and promoting M.F.R. artists/products.  
We will be hitting the calles soon to promote Sylent's studio quality debut so we're looking for firme gente from all states who are
trustworthy and down for the Latin Rap cause.

To become an official M.F.R. Soldier, hit up our site and go to our "Join" page ( to print and fill
out the membership form and send it to our mailing address listed at the top of this newsletter.

If you are chosen to represent M.F.R., you will receive FREE Demo CDs, stickers, flyers, posters and more for you to hand out in
your area to gente and friends to help spread the word.

To show our appreciation for you help, all Street Team members that are chosen will be given FREE BONUS GIFTS and SPECIAL
OFFERS from M.F.R. for the work they put in.

                                                          *   *   *

Updated Newz
New Chatroom
New Message Board

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PO Box 59151, Norwalk, CA 90650
Don't forget to pick up the new album "M.F.R. Sinstrumentalz Vol 3", 12 more hot beats for you to use during freestyle battles, live
performances, cruising, demos and smoke outs.

Also Available:
M.F.R. Sinstrumentalz Vol 1 & 2
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If you have an advertisement that you would like to place in our monthly newsletters, email us for advertisement rates and info.  We
will post any .jpgs or links related to your business or ad at a very affordable price to a mailing list of over 1,800 active email
addresses of Latinos and/or Latin Rap supporters.

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If you would like to be on our fan webpage on, take your picture holding your favorite M.F.R. CD
or flipping the middle finger and email it to us (

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Femalez over 18, send a nudie picture of you holding any M.F.R. CD to be posted up on our website for a FREE EXCLUSIVE
"Middle Finger Bangerz" CD.

                                                          *   *   *

We want you all to know that every fan letter gets read and every picture gets seen so don't be discouraged if you have not yet
recieved a response.  Sometimes it's hard for the soldierz to write back when they're busting missions but they do appreciate all the
love and respect they keep receiving from you pen pals.

                                                          *   *   *

Listed below are jobz that we are offering... You will be paid for your work... No Bullshit!!! No Games!!!

Adult Film Actresses (18 & over only):
We are looking for attractive female adult amatuer actresses in the Los Angeles area to play roles in upcoming adult (hardcore xxx)
films by M.F.R.  Must be over 18 years of age.  Payment, advances and residuals will be negotiated at casting.
Contact us for more

Adult Modeling (18 & Over only):
We are looking for attractive female models to pose for adult magazines (hardcore xxx) and websites.  Must be over 18 years of
age.  Payment, advances and residuals will be negotiated.
Contact us for more info.

If you are interested in being in a future movie by M.F.R., please contact us.  We are looking for actors/actresses for dramas,
comedies, music videos.

For all the vatos and hynas that want to get their flow on, send all demos to the PO Box address at the top of this newsletter.  
M.F.R. has not yet opened the books to take in new artists but we are always on the look out for artists who can possibly fill in

We are looking for any artists (Hand Drawn, Graffitti, etc) who may want to create some original artwork for our CD Covers, site,
clothing, products or to help us design sets for future videos.  If you have original art that you would like to sell or are willing to
make specifically for us, please
contact us.  Art must be 100% original.

Graphic Designerz:
We are looking for any professional web/graphic designers who may want to create original artwork and graphics for our site or
products.  If you have any original graphic that you would like to sell or are willing to make specifically for us, please
contact us.
M.F.R. will pay $20.00 for each .JPG file.  Graphics must be 100% original  Please consider the sites dark theme and if possible use
artists pictures that are already available.  Note: We are  not looking for layouts... only JPGs.

If you have an original poem or short story that you would like to see published in an upcoming M.F.R. Lost In Translation poetry
book, please
submit it. We will review the poem/story and contact you if it's chosen to be published.  We will pay $50.00 and up
for the rights to each original poem/story.  Poems/Stories should be written and targeted for Latin readers and not too short.

If you are an aspiring singer or have recorded songs before and are willing to be featured on an upcoming rap song, please send in
your demo and we will get back to you as soon as possible to fill in any hooks or background vocals needed.  Payment, advances
and royalties will be negotiated and may vary depending on the royalty agreement.
Contact us for more info.
M.F.R. is also still looking for female singerz (R&B/Soul Style) and a female rapper to be featured on Sylent's Debut and other
upcoming M.F.R. projects.
The Female Rapper must have a soft voice and be willing to rap pre-written lyrics based on a love-poem "Dreamz" that M.F.R. will
also feature on the upcoming poetry book "Lost In Translation Vol.1"...
The Female Singer must have a soft voice and be willing to sing pre-written lyrics and/or be able to write her own lyrics incase it's
Payment advance and royalties will be negotiated and may vary due to royalty agreements so if you're interested, hit us up soon
(we're trying to get this album and book out as quick as possible).
We prefer Singerz/Rappers in the So. California area so that we can be present in the studio during recording.  Out of state artists
will be considered but it makes it harder to not be in the studio when they are recording to get the right sound needed... No Games!!!
It would also help if you have a sample/demo recording to send.
Let us know if you have a requested pay amount and which style of song you are interested in being featured on (street songs,
sexually explicit songs or love songs).  For a song that is sexually explicit, we will only work with artists who are 18 years of age or
If you don't sing/rap but know a female who can, please feel free to pass this message along to them.

If you have talent as a graffitti artist, please contact us to help design sets for our videos or to submit original artwork for our site or
future products.


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Many of you are having trouble finding our albums in stores.  To keep our fans close, Middle Finger Recordz is offering you the
opportunity to buy any CD directly from Middle Finger Recordz.  We have every CD released by M.F.R. now available for purhase
on our website and through mail order for the low price of $5.00 each plus $3.00 shipping and handling.  Pay Pal, money orders and
cash accepted.

For mail orders, send a description of your order with the # of quantity to the address listed at the top of this newsletter... along with:
$5.00 plus #3.00 s/h (total of $8.00) for each CD.  Cash or Money Orders only!!!

NO CHECKS.  And please make sure to send the correct amount of your order or the order and the payment will be sent back.  
Make sure to double check your name and the return address to prevent any mishaps from occuring.  Now we know how it is to be
on the run from the jura, changing addresses like changing chonies, so please keep us informed of any address changes if you place
an order.  Don't get left out.

We promise to ship each order out as quick as possible.  You are our number one priority.

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Next valaz to be shot out the Middle Finger Chamberz:
Sylent (The Self-Titled Debut)
M.F.R. Sinstrumentalz Vol. 4
Lost In Translation Vol. 1 Poetry Book

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Middle Finger Recordz would like to thank everyone who has purchased items directly from M.F.R.



Middle Finger Recordz

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